cereal bowl system

pup/it/she/they - system - puppy ΘΔ - tech and music enjoyer

hi there, I'm cereal. i currently hyperfixate on music, virtual reality, and linguistics.I played percussion in a philharmonic band, and i now play in a traditional / folkloric music group. i also make silly music in Reaper. i play upright and guitar bass, accordion, guitar, uke, drums, and percussion. my objective is to learn as many instruments as i can :3

The Dash:
ryzen 5 2600
gtx 1060 6gb
24gb ram
msi a320m-a pro
oculus quest 2

acer swift 3
ryzen 5 3500U
vega 8 igpu
12gb ram

cerealbowlsystem - commission info

contact me on discord:
or twitter:

Will draw:
furries, ferals, protogens, slimes, pooltoys, ponies, humans
simple backgrounds
simple mechanical things (guns, cyber limbs...)
nsfw (at no additional cost!)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Probably won't draw:
mechas, robots (i suck at it)
heavy gore (negotiable)
detailed backgrounds

linedflat colorsshaded
headshot, bust15€25€30-40€

additional 50% of the initial price per added character
(example : 15€ for a lined halfbody, + 7.50€ for another character, + 7.50€ for another one)
10€ for a simple background

This is my SFW art. Keep in mind that I don't draw SFW art very often ; this list is incomplete




2021 - 2022

  • pricing can vary due to complexity of character design, including clothing and type of shading.

  • i am free to reject any order for any reason.

  • payment can be done 100% after sketch approval or 50% after sketch and 50% after full drawing. drawings will include a watermark until fully paid for. only pay after i approve of your order, never before.

  • after full payment you will receive JPEG and uncompressed PNG versions of the art, with an additional transparent background version.

  • changes on the drawing can be discussed throughout the way. if we stay in contact through discord i will do my best to receive your confirmation for most details of the drawing.

  • you will have the right to post the drawing online, including using it as a profile picture on social media platforms, as long as i am credited (as "cerealbowlsystem" or @CereBowlSystem).